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Different Amount Billed

Last Updated: Jul 06, 2016 10:59AM PDT
Why do I see a different amount charged to my credit card this month?
It is because you elected ESQSites to manage your Domain Name registration(s). Only once a year will subscribers see $25 incurred per each Domain Name renewal, again when ESQSites manages your registrations. We annually renew Domain Name(s) a month prior to the Domain Name expiration.

For example: Standard level monthly subscribers with ESQSites managing one single Domain Name, would see $60 total billed one month prior to the annual anniversary; this is $35 hosting + $25 annual Domain Name renewal.

Please note: Premium level subscribers enjoy the first year of one Domain Name registration FREE of charge when ESQSites manages the registration(s). If the Domain Names were not pre-paid in advance, one month prior to the annual anniversary, renewals are $25 each when ESQSites manages the Domain Name(s).

Please see Discounts.
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