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Activate or Deactivate Pages on Your Website

Last Updated: Jun 28, 2015 11:04PM PDT
If you have content which still needs to be developed, you have the option of “deactivating” page(s) on your website.  

For example, let’s say the biography page on your website is not in final form. You can temporarily “inactivate” that page.

STEP 1: You will need to log in to your account. Please see ESQSite's Log In to Your Account Instructional.
Log In

STEP 2: Click on the “Pages” icon.
Pages Icon Your Website From Dashboard

STEP 3: Under the “status” column, place your mouse over the “green active link”. Click on it once and the link will turn red and read “inactive”. The page and will not be visible again until you “activate” the page.
Active Deactive Status Click Toggle

Note: Your dashboard will indicate how many available page(s) you have in your package.  

Active Deactive Status Pages Active Indication

If you need more pages and would like to upgrade your package, please see How Much Does a Website Cost? or send an email to ESQSites or call 877.ESQ.Sites and we will gladly assist you.
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